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Othakarhaka Education Bursary Yields a Female Genius   

Othakarhaka Foundation continues to inspire more girls towards academic excellence through its education program which offers secondary and tertiary education scholarships.

The latest female to shine academically through Othakarhaka sponsorship is Carol who has been selected to study Pharmacy at the College of Medicine, a Constituent college of the University of Malawi (UNIMA).

Carlo-Selected to study Pharmacy at the College of Medicine
Carlo-Selected to study Pharmacy at the College of Medicine

In an interview, the leaner who has been under the sponsorship of Othakarhaka from Primary to Secondary school said She is grateful for the academic support rendered unto her.

“I’m lost for words because this window of opportunity has helped me to pursue my education dream. I want to make the best use of this sponsorship and become a graduate of the College of Medicine,” said Carol.

Ida Puliwa Mwango, who is the executive director for Othakarhaka Foundation, said she was proud of Carol who is soon to step fit on university soil as a Pharmacy intellectual.

Mwango said that: “Whoever said Science is only for males lied. Here is a girl that defiled all odds against her and got admitted to study Pharmacy at the College of Medicine I’m so proud of my girl Carol as she will be starting her studies next Monday. Congratulations!”  

Othakarhaka education sponsorship carters for tuition, exams fees and other related school materials. The organization has over 319 secondary school boys and girls in different boarding and day secondary schools and 32 boys and girls are in different tertiary institutions including public universities.

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