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OTK beneficiary shines in college results

Results from the past semesters at the University of Malawi have seen one of the Othakarhaka Foundation’s beneficiaries Diniwe Banda listed as one of the best performing students at the University.

Popularly known as the Dean’s list, the selection portrays students who achieve exemplary performance in their studies through various awards and distinctions.

“The Executive Dean’s List Certificate is in a bid to hold academic excellence in high esteem,” reads part of the release.

It further outlines that to earn this prestigious award, a student must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of not less than 3.75 and score nothing short of a minimum grade of B in each and every course taken during the first semester of each academic year.

Accepting the Award, Diniwe said it was his intention to keep a smooth run through the pursuance of his Bachelor of science education, majoring Physics, as a way of appreciating the Foundation’s support.

Diniwe, now a forth year student, made it into Othakarhaka Foundation’s education scholarship program during the time he was selected to start secondary school upon the Foundation’s appraisal of his needy condition which he falls due to house hold poverty.

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