Othakarhaka Foundation

Our Impact

Palliative care

Othakarhaka Foundation is working with hundreds of volunteers to strengthen healthcare, education, agriculture systems and empower various members of the communities through various initiatives.


Over 100 elderly supported with essential medicines & Palliative care


Girls and a sewing school instructor trained in making reusable sanitary pads


Girls brought back to school


Support for primary school learners


In addition to supporting secondary and tertiary education, we also reach out to primary school learners especially orphans whose parents and guardians cannot manage to provide them with basic materials such as uniforms shoes, exercise books pencils and pens.  We also supply their households with mosquito nets in order to ensure that they are protected from malaria which accounts for a good percentage of absenteeism in primary school.


Ending Forced Marriages and other forms of Gender Based Violence.

Ending gender based violence

Many school-going and none school going girls are going through abuse in different forms both in their homes and school. This was revealed through a small research that we initiated in two schools; Chambe secondary school and Milonga CDSS where we are sponsoring girls, in conjunction with their teachers. The rationale behind the small study was necessitated by reported poor participation of girls in class assignments, reported missing classes and perpetual .


Agro-Forestry & reafforestation


We manage tree nurseries in each village we are operating from where we grow tree seedlings and distribute them to communities (schools, households) to plant around their compounds, river banks and down the outskirt of MJ mountain. Thousands of trees have been planted since we established this project in 2014.


Sharing is Caring


We also share with the elderly and very poor people in the community. Our staff Carlo delivering basic items to one family in Nsikita village in Nkanda. Malawi being one of the with one of the highest levels of poverty globally, most families spend less than a dolar a day. This means that often times, they can not afford basics like sugar, bathing soap, body lotions among others.  It is for this reason we  sharing is on of our key interventions across our catchment area.

Cervical Cancer Screening

We have set up a free clinic for cervical cancer screening with support from a Canadian based K2 Foundation. This clinic is expected to serve the most underprivileged yet the most deserving members of the society, especially women of the reproductive age and those that have reached their menopause. It has been revealed that Malawi is the highest ranked nation when it comes to Cervical cancer morbidity and mortality in the whole world.

cancer screening

Roofing Project

roofing project

This is the project where grass thatched houses of the elderly and widows are replaced with iron-sheet roofs with community members helping with the labour. So far, 22 grass hatched houses now have iron-sheets roof. We are hoping that, with more support ahead, we will do more in this aspect as there are more people in need of such support.