Othakarhaka Foundation

A pictorial focus:A Moment of Afforestation

Today, the world is faced with a wide range of climate change adversities ranging from deferred rainfall and constant cyclones. And if environmental advice is anything to go by, then the current situation is as a result of deforestation. Governed by its environmental care program, Othakarhaka Foundation on February 2 visited Chifide Primary school in the area of Traditional Authority Juma in Mulanje district were teachers, learners, chiefs and community members joined hands in a tree planting exercise. During that exercise, 1000 trees were planted around the school premises. The learners joined the exercise as a way of appreciating that trees provide shade which they need around the school during summer time. Below is a cross section of pictures captured during the tree-planting exercise at Chifide Primary School in Mulanje.

Reafforestation at Chifide