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Cyclone Freddy hits OTK interventions

Cyclone Freddy hits OTK interventions

The Cyclone Freddy that occurred in Malawi in March 2023 brought a lot of grief to a huge population of Malawians having lost lives of loved ones and properties including crops in their farms. The Cyclone claimed over 500 lives, displaced at least 562,415 people and injured many.

Mulanje is one of the districts that was hit harder by the Cyclone and the Othakarhaka Foundation’s impact areas were not spared from the wrath.

Cyclone Freddy hits OTK interventions

“We have lost everything, beginning with the house and all the property that was in there. Currently we do not have anything to rely on because even our farm fields have also been affected by the floods,” explained Christina Munyeri, one of Othakarhaka volunteers from Muhiyo village.

Realizing the burden that the affected households shouldered, the Othakarhaka foundation with immediate response from its volunteers and financial assistance from Ron Weiser and I Demand Access started distributing food and groceries to hundreds of affected families and helped with supplies for the rebuilding of homes.

In addition to this, Othakarhaka has launched a special program to help some of the affected families replanting their crops using irrigation starting May 2023.

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