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Minister of Gender Visits Othakarhaka Foundation

Minister of Gender, Community Development and Social welfare, Dr. Patricia Kaliati, visited Othakarhaka Foundation on 21st February 2022 at its head office in Mulanje to appreciate the wonderful work that the nonprofit organization is doing and also to give moral support and encouragement to the organization in its quest to uplift the living standards of the most vulnerable and marginalized members of the society.

In the aftermath of the visit, the minister enriched the Othakarhaka Community Library with books in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Geography.

On her part, the minister said she was contented with the work that Othakarhaka Foundation is rendering both at community and national level citing its education sponsorship, health and agriculture programs as its paramount pillars of strength.

“I decided to be of contribution towards the growth of this community library because after my first visit, I was convinced that the organization is worthy all the support that it deserves since it is a platform that is encouraging a reading culture among community members,” said Kaliati.

Minister of Gender, Social Welfare and Community Development, (2nd from left)
Hon Patricia Kaliati appreciates Othakarhaka facilities

In response to the noble gesture, Ida Puliwa Mwango who is the Executive Director for Othakarhaka Foundation, hailed the honorable minister for a generous donation of books as it signaled a true definition of joining efforts to serve the needy and the society at wholesale.

“We cannot operate as a solitary entity if our organizational goals are to see the light of day. As such, there is need to work hand in hand with stakeholders and other well wishes. It is with belief that the honorable minister has done this to be of example to others out there who have the muscle to follow suit and contribute towards the growth of this library which is helping many a number of community members,” said Mwango.

The minister made the donation on March 16 at the institutions headquarters at Chambe in Mulanje district in what was her second encounter with the charity-oriented local organization since its birth in 2012.

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