Othakarhaka Foundation

Dorothy Goodson and Esnart Mitambo

Othakarhaka Continues to Open Doors for Female Excellence

As a way of exposing girls to windows of opportunities and knowledge, Othakarhaka Foundation supported two of the girls that benefit from its education sponsorship program to attend a seminar for women electricians as per organized by MERA in Blantyre.

The two girls, Dorothy Goodson and Esnart Mitambo, have just completed their three-year tenure at Comboni Technical College where they studied Electrical Installation and Electronics.

By and large, the seminar emphasized on the need for women electricians to register with MERA in order to get certificates of authenticity.

The two girls who attended a seminar for women electricians organized by MERA in Blantyre.

Mitambo who comes from Chambe community saluted Othakarhaka charity foundation for presenting her with an opportunity to attain the seminar which in her opinion was an eye-opener as regards her field of practice.

On her part, Goodson said the seminar has helped her to see electrical installation in a renewed light and she is thankful for that.

Speaking on the development, Director of Programs for Othakarhaka Foundation, Ted Mwango, said the organization is more than happy to inspire girl’s education by providing them with all the needed support every time there is a need.

“As an organization we will continue to send our girls to trainings and seminars that will mentor them to become professionals in their line of duty,” said Mwango.

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