Othakarhaka Foundation

Othakarhaka Foundation Equips Teen Mothers with Tailoring Skills: The Story of Rhoda

Othakarhaka tailoring school is the new source of fresh air among the female folk as the platform is there to help teen-mothers have a new lease of life having been faced with the plight of being single parents due to teenage unwanted pregnancies and unsuccessful marriages.

Ever since the tailoring school emerged on the fore, several teen mothers have benefited from what it has on offer. One of the remarkable beneficiaries is Rhoda. The plight of being a single parent following her unsuccessful marriage of four years worked as a motivator for Rhoda. She made a tough decision that she would no longer be driven by the Community’s perception of her but rather become the driver of her own future.

Even thou the years she spent in the marriage robbed her of the chance to attain reasonable education and become self-reliant, today, Rhoda is now one of the most promising students at Othakarhaka tailoring school. She has made up her mind to establish herself as a reputable fashion designer and use part of the income to sponsor a fellow young woman with similar experience like hers once she graduates from the tailoring training.

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