Othakarhaka Foundation

Othakarhaka Foundation Wages War on Cervical Cancer

Determined and boiling with the objective to put to bed cervical cancer, Othakarhaka Foundation opened the doors of its free community clinic on 18th December 2021 at its head office in Chambe community, Mulanje District.

Basically, Othakarhaka Foundation Free Community Clinic provides cervical cancer screening services to both women and girls as one way of keeping the non-communicable disease in check.

The executive Director for Othakarhaka Foundation, Ida Puliwa Mwango, wrote on her highly followed Facebook page: “Today, we opened our doors with an engagement with women from the Chambe community, a health talk that prepared 77 women for their first screening and actually screening all of them afterwards.”

Health Care workers ready to conduct training on Cervical Cancer
War on Cervical Cancer

Since then, women have been encouraged to visit the Free Community Clinic so that they access quality health care services thereby keeping cervical cancer at slumber.