Othakarhaka Foundation

Education Initiatives

Othakarhaka Foundation’s Journey to Transforming Education and Inspiring Hope in the Rural Communities of Malawi.

Othakarhaka Foundation is dedicated to uplifting communities through the power of knowledge with our Educational Initiatives. Our comprehensive efforts aim to overcome educational barriers and provide vital support, fostering brighter futures for all.

Othakarhaka Community Library

Our library welcomes secondary school students from institutions without their own library facilities. Open Monday to Friday each week, it nurtures a love for learning, boosting academic performance, and paving the way for some to attend public universities.
20 +
Students are supported through our community library in Mulanje.
20 +
Students supported from rural community schools with computer lessons.

Community Hotspots for Education

Our computer lab, part of the BloomBox, operates on solar power with backup batteries, equipped with printers, projectors, and more. Donated by 18-year-old Canadian Sofie Roux, it serves over 1500 students from local secondary schools. They access online school materials and computer lessons, enhancing their prospects of entering public universities.

Secondary School and Tertiary Scholarships

Apart from supporting over 400 girls in various secondary schools within Malawi and 43 in different tertiary institutions, Othakarhaka also provides full scholarships for boys in various secondary schools and tertiary institutions, covering tuition, exam fees, school materials, and more. Over 120 secondary school boys and 23 students in tertiary institutions benefit from this support.
100 +
Students supported with secondary school education needs and university scholarships in Malawi.
1000 +
Orphaned or needy primary school children supported with food and basic needs.

Supporting Primary School Orphans

We extend our reach to primary school learners, offering assistance to those whose families struggle to provide basic essentials. Additionally, we partner with local primary schools for tree planting exercises, teaching pupils to care for newly planted trees. We also distribute mosquito nets to safeguard students from malaria, reducing absenteeism.

Get Involved

Othakarhaka Foundation is working with hundreds of volunteers to strengthen healthcare, education, agriculture systems and empower various members of the communities through various initiatives.