Othakarhaka Foundation

Sustainable Agriculture & Agroforestry

Othakarhaka Foundation’s Journey to Transforming Education and Inspiring Hope in the Rural Communities of Malawi.

Othakarhaka Foundation is dedicated to uplifting communities with modern agricultural practices trainings and essential farm inputs for small and vulnerable farmers. 

Sustainable Agriculture

This project tackles food security for small-scale farmers with special needs. We provide essential inputs, including fertilizers, hybrid maize seeds, sweet potatoes, pigeon peas, and beans, empowering farmers to start producing more food. By supporting both rain-fed and irrigation farming, we aim to put an end to the annual hunger season that has plagued communities for far too long.

The primary beneficiaries of this program are vulnerable farmers responsible for their own families and orphans in their care. Each recipient receives a crucial boost to their agricultural efforts, with the expectation that they will sustain and expand their yields independently, eliminating the need for further assistance from Othakarhaka.

20 +
Small scale farmers assisted under Sustainable Agriculture Project.
20 +
Distributed and planted trees in schools, river banks & compounds.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends to agroforestry. In every village we operate, we maintain tree nurseries, cultivating seedlings that we distribute to the community, including schools and households. These trees are planted around compounds, along riverbanks, and on the outskirts of MJ Mountain. Since the inception of this project in 2014, thousands of trees have taken root, contributing to a greener and healthier future.

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Othakarhaka Foundation is working with hundreds of volunteers to strengthen healthcare, education, agriculture systems and empower various members of the communities through various initiatives.