Othakarhaka Foundation

  • Canadian Teenager Donates Bloom Box
    Canadian Teenager, Sophie Roux Donates Bloom Box to Othakarhaka Foundation

What Drives Us

The need to transform lives of the most marginalized and vulnerable members of our communities.


Access to Primary Healthcare

We believe that the most vulnerable members of the community must have access to primary healthcare.

Girls & Women Empowerment

We strongly believe that empowering local communities is a milestone towards achievement of sustainable development


We hold it that it’s a must to intervene where there is great need

Sustainable Agriculture

We are determined to end yearly hunger that affects most of the vulnerable and marginalized households in the communities


Once you have been helped, you must help others


July 24, 2022 / Article

Executive Director for Othakarhaka Foundation Recognized for Her Charity Efforts

There is an old and famous adage that says: “Hard work pays”. Such a wise saying is of the education...
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Sanitary Pads Training
July 24, 2022 / Article

Othakarhaka Charity Foundation Engages Secondary School Girls in Sanitary Pads Training

The dawn of February 16 was of paramount significance in the light of Othakarhaka Foundation’s mission to provide quality health...
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War on Cervical Cancer
July 24, 2022 / Article

Othakarhaka Foundation Wages War on Cervical Cancer

Health Care workers ready to conduct training on Cervical Cancer
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