"Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi."

Fighting gender-based violence and building self-confidence through athletic, vocational, and artistic programming.

Secret Box in school to fight gender-based violence

We bring the “Othakaraka secret box” to the schools as a way for girls to anonymously write down and share the challenges they face, such as but not limited to: sexual abuse, forced marriage, and gender-based violence against women.

Girls Art Empowerment Camp builds self-esteem

Our camp provides girls the opportunity to explore various artistic disciplines, including poetry, dance, music, and English storytelling while receiving education on Sexual Reproductive Health.

Breaking gender-based stereotypes through soccer

In most communities of Malawi, girls aren’t allowed to play soccer. Here at OTK, we are challenging stereotypes and building girls’ confidence.

4H programming builds community among Malawian youth

Our youth empowerment program brings community youths together to learn important life skills.

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Girls who are victims of abuse are afraid to speak out, their abusers threatening them if they do.   We bring the “Othakaraka secret box” to the schools in our villages. Girls are encouraged to write down the challenges they face at home and put them in the box anonymously. Then, we will read the messages and design community initiatives to specifically address the messages shared in the secret box.   We collaborate with the community leaders, school teachers, and our committed volunteers to bring the village together to participate in these events. We organize soccer games to attract more people to the event, explaining how these actions can lead to arrest.

At the conclusion of every school year, volunteer teachers (local and international) join us to hold art classes for local girls. We focus on girls’ sanitation, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to boost their confidence and resilience.

Our girls’ soccer initiative was championed by an 11-year-old student, Gwen DeCoste, and her classmates from Virginia’s OAK Elementary School. Together, they’ve raised funds to provide soccer equipment to create opportunities for girls to shine as future international stars.

The girls who participate are provided the needed equipment, water, and sanitary pads. We’ve already formed strong soccer teams with girls and their sports teachers from local primary schools, ready to compete in local leagues.

Help us find the equipment and funds to buy equipment and pay for transportation to matches.

Our youth empowerment program focuses on youths ages 6-21 who are struggling to pass exams in school. We bring them together to learn skills such as agriculture, husbandry, entrepreneurship, carpentry, and bike repairs so they can become entrepreneurs and support themselves. We also offer opportunities for them to enjoy arts and popular sports like football, netball, and volleyball.   They pass on the kindness by contributing to tree planting efforts and conducting civic education campaigns. We are aspiring to open a vocational school.