"Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi."

When we sponsor a student, we commit our support for their entire education, from primary school through university.

Scholarships that enable girls and teen moms to return to school

Our scholarship program provides girls, teen moms, and students with the scholarships they need to return to school. 

Empower teen moms through sewing training

We offer teen mothers an 8-month sewing training program, complete with a business starter pack and sewing machine that they use to launch their own businesses.

Hotspots and laptops for computer lessons in rural schools

Our Bloombox is equipped with laptops, charging, and internet that students need to study and learn.

Othakarhaka community library provides study materials

We offer a dedicated study space, books, and school supplies to the students in our rural community schools.
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Girls’ education is not prioritized by families, and if a family is struggling, the daughter’s education will be the first to be deprioritized, if not eliminated. When we take on a scholarship student, we commit to funding the rest of their education, as well as all their school supplies, exam fees, meals, sanitary pads, and a bike if needed. We are currently supporting over 400 girls in secondary schools (high school) and 43 tertiary institutions (universities). Over 143 boys benefit from this support as well. We currently have a list of 216 qualified girls waiting to go to school. Get to know them here.

We established a sewing school that provides tailoring and fashion design training for teen mothers who face challenges returning to traditional schooling. Upon completing their training they are gifted a sewing machine so they can kick start their own businesses.   To pass on the kindness, the sewing school graduates commit to repaying our organization over 10 months. This funding is then used to support the next cohort of aspiring students.
Our computer lab, called a BloomBox, operates on solar power with backup batteries, equipped with printers, projectors, and more. Donated by 18-year-old Canadian Sofie Roux, it serves over 1500 students from local secondary schools with just 20 laptops. Our students do not have access to laptops, let alone the ability to charge them. With this Bloombox, they can access online educational materials and lessons, increasing their prospects of being selected for public universities.
Our library welcomes secondary school students from rural community schools without their own library facilities. Open Monday to Friday each week, it nurtures a love for learning, boosts academic performance, and paves the way for some to attend public universities.