"Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi."

Building new homes and providing other basic needs to the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Support orphans with basic needs

We extend our reach to primary school learners, offering assistance to those whose families struggle to provide basic essentials.

Build homes for cyclone victims

Every month we build at least one new home for the victims of cyclone Freddy.

Lifestraw installations to provide safe drinking water

We distribute lifestraw systems in clinics, schools, and other community gathering locations to provide safe drinking water in rural villages.

Disaster Relief

OTK provides emergency aid after cyclones and other natural disasters.
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We give orphans the support they need to thrive in school. We find volunteers to care for them, and provide school uniforms, books, and shoes.

Additionally, we partner with local primary schools to plant tree nurseries, teaching pupils to care for newly planted trees. We also distribute mosquito nets to safeguard students from malaria, reducing absenteeism.

Through our partnership with International Development Institute (IDI), our volunteers build homes for those impacted by cyclone Freddy.  After the house is built, our volunteers will periodically check in on the beneficiaries, specifically ensuring that the girls in the home are safe and cared for.  As a way of passing on the kindness, the beneficiaries of this program become OTK volunteers. 

Contaminated water causes outbreaks of cholera and other diseases, plaguing our rural families and keeping students out of school. To combat this, we distribute lifestraw systems in clinics, schools, and other community gathering locations.

Over the past few years, Mulanje has experienced an average of 2 cyclones per year. Many of our villages are located at the base of the Mount Mulanje, making them particularly vulnerable to flooding. Many who live in homes constructed of mud and straw suffer severe damage to their homes. After a cyclone, we distribute food to families in need and provide farm inputs to farmers who need to replant. During COVID-19, we provided face masks, gloves, and soap to keep our communities safe.