Othakarhaka Foundation

Othakarhaka Triumphs in Sisonke Competition

Old Mutual Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya awarded Othakarhaka Charity Foundation as the grand prize winner of the Sisonke Competition which it introduced to reward the organization with the most impactful initiatives that changes people’s lives at grassroots level on grounds of merit.

Having scooped position one in Malawi in the Sisonke Pan African Competition, the Executive director for Othakarhaka Foundation, Ida Puliwa Mwango, said in an acceptance speech that she was enthralled with what Old Mutual international was doing in terms of touch basing with the community to improve livelihoods.

Sisonke Competition Winner
Sisonke Competition Winner

Mwango said: “I really appreciate Old Mutual for introducing Sisonke Competition. Their transparency in coming up with the winner and the prize money which will help us to reach out to several vulnerable people within our community who are looking for our support in areas of education and sustainable agriculture.”

As the winner of the competition, Othakarhaka Foundation took home a monetary token of appreciation worthy Mk5,500,000.00.