Othakarhaka Foundation

Youth Empowerment

Othakarhaka Foundation’s Journey to Empowering Malawi’s Rural Youths through Skills training, Business and Sports.

At Othakarhaka Foundation, we are committed to nurturing the potential of our youth through our Youth Empowerment Initiatives. Our holistic approach focuses on developing their skills and talents, empowering them to become confident and capable leaders, and shaping a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

4H/Youth Empowerment

Our project focuses on nurturing the talents and skills of young individuals, empowering them for a future filled with opportunities. We emphasize basic agriculture, entrepreneurship, fine arts, and a variety of popular sports, including football, netball, and volleyball.
In addition to sports, our 4H peers also engage in farming, learn animal husbandry, receive leadership training, and actively participate in community volunteer work. They contribute to tree planting efforts and conduct civic education campaigns, leaving a positive impact on their communities.
20 +
Youths reached out in local communities with skills development and business.
Girls soccer teams formed and their sports teachers from local primary schools

Girls' Soccer Project

We’ve taken a pioneering step with a girls’ soccer initiative, championed by an 11-year-old student, Gwen DeCoste, and her classmates from Virginia’s OAK Elementary School. Together, they’ve raised funds to provide soccer equipment, aiming to challenge stereotypes and enhance the confidence and self-esteem of girls. Our goal is to create opportunities for girls to shine as future international stars. We’ve already formed strong soccer teams with girls and their sports teachers from local primary schools, ready to compete in different leagues.

Get Involved

Othakarhaka Foundation is working with hundreds of volunteers to strengthen healthcare, education, agriculture systems and empower various members of the communities through various initiatives.