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Student Profile


Village: Lipenga

Age: 15

Maliya is a second born in a family of three children, staying with his mother (a divorced). Her father does not support her and whereabouts of him are unknown. They depend on piece of works and small-scale farming to earn a living.

She was at Nkanda Full Primary School and got selected to Milonga Community Day Secondary School, but her mother alone cannot manage to support her with school fees and other school supplies.

Her aspirations are to become a nurse and she also dreams of providing free medication to the poor families in her community.

Help us make it possible for Maliya to achieve her dreams and make her believe that a girl is never “just a girl”.

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Her dream is to become a teacher, and support every child within her village with basic education necessities.
Her aspiration is to be an entrepreneur and use part of it to provide foods for her family and other poor members of the community.
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