"Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi."

African Library Project donates books to OTK Community Library

The Othakarhaka Foundation Community Library was privileged to be among the 33 beneficiaries across Malawi to have received a heartwarming gesture of book donation by African Library Project (ALP) recently.

This remarkable act of generosity by ALP underscores the global commitment of promoting reading culture, fostering education, and access to knowledge. Peter Asibu who is the board chair at the Othakarhaka Foundation and was present at the function, expressed his gratitude and excitement about this gift.

“This generous donation from ALP is a testament to the worldwide belief in the importance of libraries as pillars of education and culture. We are immensely thankful for the support.”

Peter Asibu – Othakarhaka Foundation Board Chair

The donated books cover a wide range of subjects and genres from educational materials to works of fiction catering to diverse interests and age groups. These new additions to the Othakarhaka community library are expected to enhance the library’s offerings making it a more valuable resource center for the community.

In addition to expanding the library’s collection, the donated books will also be used to initiate special reading programs and events aimed at engaging community members, particularly students and young readers in a lifelong love of reading and learning.

This act of kindness serves as a reminder that the love of books knows no borders. It emphasizes that a commitment to education, knowledge, and the enrichment of communities transcends geographic boundaries, uniting people in the shared mission of making the world a better place.

As the pages of these donated books turned in the hands of eager readers, The Othakarhaka Community Library continues to shine as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration with the global community contributing to its growth and the betterment of its residents.

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Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi.

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