"Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi."

IDI and Othakarhaka Unite in a Monthly Housing Initiative: Gogo Enifa’s New Home and Hope

In the wake of Cyclone Freddy’s destruction earlier this year, Gogo Enifa, an elderly woman from Mulanje lost her home. The rains that poured down earlier in 2023 in Malawi rained her heavily dilapidated house down rendering her homeless. Stepping in to help, the International Development Initiative(IDI) teamed up with Othakarhaka Foundation to bring back hope, security and home to Gogo Enifa.

Together, Jeff Oliver and Jason Lindsay from IDI and the volunteers from Othakarhaka Foundation built a new and better house for Gogo Enifa, replacing what the cyclone had taken away. IDI and OTK’s joint efforts are a symbol of kindness and support that both organizations stand on.

The joy on Gogo Enifa’s face said it all during the hand-in ceremony as she stood in front of her new home. This act of kindness not only gave her a new house but also brought a lifeline to Gogo Enifa as she can now look forward to living in a safe and healthy home of her own again.

At Othakarhaka, our goal is to pass on the kindness in our communities by helping those in need. We envision a world where every act of kindness works magic and passes on to the next, creating a better future for many and us all.

In addition to this, IDI and Othakarhaka have partnered on a monthly housing initiative. Together, we aim to build a new house each month for vulnerable community members affected by Cyclone Freddy or facing housing challenges in Mulanje, Southern Malawi.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to IDI for their support and shared commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

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Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi.

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