"Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi."

Othakarhaka Foundation and IDI Join Hands to Provide Safe Water Solutions

At Othakarhaka Foundation, our commitment to transforming communities takes another stride forward with our recent collaboration with the International Development Institute (IDI) from the USA. This partnership marks a crucial step in our journey toward enhancing the lives of those in rural areas in Malawi.

The presence of IDI representatives, Jeff Oliver and Jason Lindsay, has been instrumental in our joint endeavor. Last week, they commenced an initiative close to our hearts: the provision of ‘Community LifeStraws’ – cutting-edge water purification systems – to numerous public schools within our Mulanje. This week, we are humbled to witness the implementation of this significant initiative, one that holds the promise of safe and accessible water for our communities.

This impactful effort is not the first of its kind from IDI. Earlier this year, their support led to the donation of 25 water purification systems through Othakarhaka Foundation to various vital institutions. These systems have been deployed across public schools, religious institutions, and health centers, ensuring that safe water becomes a tangible reality for those in need.

This collaboration epitomizes our shared commitment to #passingonthekindness and ensuring that #safewater is for all. Our journey with IDI is a testament to our dedication to community welfare and the betterment of lives through tangible and sustainable initiatives.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the International Development Institute for their unwavering support and look forward to continuing this impactful partnership to create a brighter, healthier future for our communities.

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Passing on the kindness is transforming communities in Malawi.

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